Funding for Health and Social Care Adults QCFs


If you are an Adult Care Provider in England you may be eligible for funding through Skills for Care.


This funding attracts £15 per eligible QCF unit

All the QCF units found on NVQ Academy's suggested units lists are eligible for Funding.

This equates to:

  • up to £870 per Candidate for a Level 3 Diploma
  • up to £1200 per Candidate for a Level 5 Diploma

If you are interested in the Common Induction Standards/ QCF Level 3 combo - individual units fully completed under this combination (approx 4) will also attract £15 per unit.


Claims can be made for any amounts incurred by you supporting the cost of Candidates qualifications e.g. course fees and associated costs.

The fund is distributed via lead partners. Claims are made to these partners once units have been achieved.

NVQ Academy's paperwork incorporates all the information required by Skills for Care in order to claim.


If you are interested in accessing this fund - please ring 01234 765554 - we can provide more information and should you wish to continue will contact the lead partner in your particular area to check that funding amounts are still available for the period you will be claiming for.





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