Induction Standards require a level of knowledge and performance evidence which fit naturally into the QCF Level 3 Diplomas.

To avoid unnecessary repetition and time wasting – and also to support a Personal Development Plan from Day One – NVQ Academy has combined the two sets of standards into one seamless package.

Our system would ensure that the new member of staff will have a mentor/assessor available at all times to ensure that learning, development, knowledge and skills compliment the individual and unique requirements of a particular Service.

In summary these would be the obvious advantages:

  • SAME paperwork
  • SAME work-based assessor
  • SAME portfolio
  • SAME evidence
  • SAME Standards of excellence
  • SAVE time (no duplication)
  • SAVE staff (one meeting instead of two)
  • SAVE money (completion of at least 30% of the Diploma Level 3 requirements by end of induction/probation)
  • SAVE resources (paperwork, portfolios etc all in one place – ideal for CQC and OFSTED Inspections)
  • SAVE on recruitment (with a continuous professional development plan in place your staff are more likely to stay)



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