QCF (NVQ) Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Children & Young Peoples Services


Prices from £925 + VAT per Candidate*

This Qualification is appropriate for Roles including

  • Management staff in Residential Schools which are not registered as Children's Homes
  • Senior members of staff who are working at Level 5 but are not necessarily Managers but have a great deal of autonomy within their role.


  • We highly recommend any Organisation offering a specialised service to consider a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services (England) (QCF) Award to senior members of staff (with responsibility for other staff)

  • The Level 5 Diploma in Children and Young People Services comes with pathways to match job roles. Pathways exist for:

    • Residential managers
    • Managers
    • Advanced Practice

  • We highly recommend any Organisation offering a specialised service to consider a Level 5 Award to senior members of staff who hold Level 3 

  • Any member of your staff who is in a “management” position is a likely candidate for level 5 

  • Those who have previous experience as managers or seniors working in care environments will have accumulated even more knowledge, skills and experience to do a Level 5 qualification.


Suggested Units

Children and Young People
Residential Management Pathway
Autism Services

Children and Young People
Residential Management Pathway
Children Services
Children and Young People
Advanced Practice Pathway
Children Services


Why not see how you can combine the Induction Standards with the QCF Diploma for your Level 3 staff
to save both time and money

Read More Here:- Children's Workforce Induction Standards or Common Induction Standards (CIS)


Why choose NVQ Academy?

  • Free Work-Based Assessor (to A1/equivalent standard) permanently in your workplace* - NO visiting Assessors - NO disruption/strangers

  • Does not require Candidates to be absent from the workplace at any time – and therefore no hidden costs such as cover, time-owing and travel expenses

  • Not Government funded – so does not require unnecessary paperwork or entry criteria (available to all experienced staff at any time)

  • Candidates do not need to complete superfluous 'extra' parts of qualifications eg Key Skills, Employer Rights & Responsibilities (ERR), Personal Learning & Thinking Skills (PLTS) - which could devalue existing staff

  • Uses real life evidence on a day-to-day basis – valuing and recognising an indivdual’s specialist knowledge, skills, ability, development and experience to provide an all-round holistic VOCATIONAL qualification

  • Paperwork is designed and customised to suit the needs of the individual, the workplace and the specialism

  • Flexible Timetable – can be evidenced any time of day or night using Work-Based Assessors

  • An independent infrastructure to qualify all your staff with a professional Nationally Recognised Qualification - seamlessly and efficiently

  • The Diploma is a professional Qualification designed and produced by the relevant Skills Council to meet the needs of the workforce

  • Available immediately – to start immediately or at any time to suit the work environment

  • Ability to combine with sector Induction Standards - offers a SEAMLESS progression from probation to qualification (saving time and money) and help you meet Ofsted/CQC requirements regarding individual learning/development plans

* subject to minimum number of Candidates at site depending on geographical location and availablity of a senior member of staff to act as a Work-Based Assessor (Training and Qualification included in package price)


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