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Work-Based Assessor Training and Certification – The Process

NVQ Academy's Lead Internal Verifier trains all Work-Based Assessors on-site.


Introduction Day (Optional – if Assessor/s have already been identified)

  • Process explained and all interested parties consulted.
  • Input, time requirements, evidence gathering and benefits explained.
  • Procedures and workbooks produced by NVQ Academy discussed.

Stage One

  • Equal Opportunities Policy, Appeals & Complaints Procedures, Malpractice Policy, Health & Stafety and Learning Records Service Information..
  • Induction, registration, candidate contract and initial assessment plan(s)
  • Naturalistic Observation
  • Candidate self analysis and recording (many methods).
  • Completion of Observation Sheet and Evidence Record Log (inc feedback)

Stage Two

  • Review of Observation sheets/Evidence Record Sheets
  • Recording and marking off in candidate’s log-book checked.
  • Ensure all candidate induction & registration forms have been received and log-books issued.
  • Other evidence gathering methods are discussed in more detail for further consideration.
  • The Unit Summary Sheet and knowledge evidence requirements introduced.

Stage Three

  • Internally Verification to ensure all requirements are to National Standards.
  • Commence Assessor Award.
  • The assessor may take on additional candidates when all the above requirements have been completed.

Completion of Assessor Award

  • Observation of assessor discussing, assessing, planning and providing feedback to her/his candidate.
  • The candidate will be interviewed regarding provided support, guidance and clarification of evidence/ Standards.
  • Professional discussion with the assessor-candidate
  • Assessor Award processed and presented to the assessor-candidate.


* subject to minimum number of Candidates at site depending on geographical location and availablity of a senior member of staff to act as a Work-Based Assessor (Training and Qualification included in package price)


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