QCF (NVQ) Level 3 Diplomas for Staff Working in Chilldren and Young People Services

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New QCF Level 3 Diploma Residential Childcare - From Jan 2015

This Qualification is available from January 2015 and will become mandatory for all residential staff working in Children's Homes from April 2015

Required within 2 years of commencing work for the following Roles

  • Residential Staff in Children's Homes
  • Residential Staff in Residential Schools registered as a Children's Home

QCF Level 3 Diploma Children and Young Peoples Workforce - Social Care Pathway

Social Care Pathway is appropriate for Roles including

  • Residential Staff in Residential Schools not registered as a Children's Home
  • Foster Carers

QCF Level 3 Diploma Children and Young Peoples Workforce - Learning and Development Pathway

Learning and Development Pathway is appropriate for Roles including

  • Teaching Support Staff in Schools
  • Education Support Staff in other Children Services



Why choose NVQ Academy?

  • Free Work-Based Assessor (to A1/equivalent standard) permanently in your workplace* - NO visiting Assessors - NO disruption/strangers

  • Does not require Candidates to be absent from the workplace at any time – and therefore no hidden costs such as cover, time-owing and travel expenses

  • Not Government funded – so does not require unnecessary paperwork or entry criteria (available to all experienced staff at any time)

  • Candidates do not need to complete superfluous 'extra' parts of qualifications eg Key Skills, Employer Rights & Responsibilities (ERR), Personal Learning & Thinking Skills (PLTS) - which could devalue existing staff

  • Uses real life evidence on a day-to-day basis – valuing and recognising an indivdual’s specialist knowledge, skills, ability, development and experience to provide an all-round holistic VOCATIONAL qualification

  • Paperwork is designed and customised to suit the needs of the individual, the workplace and the specialism

  • Flexible Timetable – can be evidenced any time of day or night using Work-Based Assessors

  • An independent infrastructure to qualify all your staff with a professional Nationally Recognised Qualification - seamlessly and efficiently

  • The Diploma is a professional Qualification designed and produced by the relevant Skills Council to meet the needs of the workforce

  • Available immediately – to start immediately or at any time to suit the work environment

  • Ability to combine with sector Induction Standards - offers a SEAMLESS progression from probation to qualification (saving time and money) and help you meet Ofsted/CQC requirements regarding individual learning/development plans

* subject to minimum number of Candidates at site depending on geographical location and availablity of a senior member of staff to act as a Work-Based Assessor (Training and Qualification included in package price)
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